The A.S.K. Technique is a cognitive tool for individuals, that helps remove stress and negative ingrained habits in as little as one session. Similar to other cognitive techniques such as CBT, NLP and EFT, A.S.K. is gaining traction in the therapy and coaching industry as a proven method for clearing emotional pain and rewiring learned behaviours. The A.S.K. Qualification is available as an online course (accredited via The International Coaching Federation - ICF) for those that wish to add this groundbreaking technique to their toolbox.

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A.S.K. – “I want a new job”.

A.S.K. – “I don’t know my professional purpose”.

A.S.K. – “I want a new job”.

A.S.K. – “I need to release my husband’s death”.

A.S.K. – “I get angry a lot”.

A.S.K. – “I am angry at my father because he drinks too much”.

A.S.K. in the Media

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A.S.K has developed into a strong community of individuals who are passionate about sharing the simplicity of serenity. The brilliance of the technique is often celebrated in the media; check out the articles to see if A.S.K is happening near you!

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