A.S.K. is your personal, pocket-sized coach to release any emotion or habit that does not serve you in three simple steps. Have you been suffering with feelings of anxiety, guilt, anger or generally feel that you are out of control? Do not worry, you are not alone! Kelly Armatage spent 2 years creating this life changing therapy technique, that facilitates success, freedom and change! Use A.S.K. to change negative habits in your health, career, relationships, social life, finances, self esteem etc - it works on ANY problem.

Would you continue to suffer one more day if you knew you could just A.S.K.? How can I A.S.K. ?

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A.S.K. has been created as your own personal coaching companion. Watch A.S.K. in action for some inspiration and guidance to getting the most from the Technique.

A.S.K. – “I want a new job”.

A.S.K. – “I don’t know my professional purpose”.

A.S.K. – “I want a new job”.

A.S.K. – “I need to release my husband’s death”.

A.S.K. – “I get angry a lot”.

A.S.K. – “I am angry at my father because he drinks too much”.

A.S.K. in the Media

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A.S.K has developed into a strong community of individuals who are passionate about sharing the simplicity of serenity. The brilliance of the technique is often celebrated in the media; check out the articles to see if A.S.K is happening near you!

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