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Overcome any negative thoughts, emotions and behaviours by watching the following videos and completing the worksheet click here for worksheet!.

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A.S.K. – “I get angry a lot”.
A.S.K. – “I am angry at my father because he drinks too much”.


A.S.K. – “I need to release my husband’s death”.


A.S.K. – “I want to grow in my career”.
A.S.K. – “I want to become an excellent public speaker””.
A.S.K. – “I want a new job”.
A.S.K. – “I don’t know my professional purpose”.
A.S.K. – “I want a new job”.


A.S.K. – “I have a lack of confidence”.
A.S.K. – “I want to change my shyness”.
A.S.K. – “I would like more confidence”.


A.S.K. – “I can’t make enough money to be independent”.
A.S.K. – “I hate my physical condition/pain”.


A.S.K. – “I have trouble sleeping and staying asleep”.
A.S.K. – “I hate my sleeping patterns”.


A.S.K. – “I want to make more profits for my companies”.
A.S.K. – “I need to become more disciplined”.
A.S.K. – “I want to improve my business”.


A.S.K. – “I wish I chose a better past”.


A.S.K. – “My husband cheated and I can’t move forward”.
A.S.K. – “I can’t have freedom and my marriage”.
A.S.K. – “I can’t communicate in my marriage”.


A.S.K. – “I am not good enough”.


A.S.K. – “My wife is pregnant and I can’t deal with my stress”.


A.S.K. – “I hate my eating habits”.
A.S.K. – “I don’t like my weight”.
A.S.K. – “I can’t get rid of my weight”.
A.S.K. – “I am disappointed re: my fitness and eating habits”.