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Look at what clients are saying about The A.S.K. Technique

Are you a Counselor, Psychotherapist or Life Coach?

Or somebody who wants to make a career in the Self Development industry?

We are delighted to be partnering with The International Coaching Federation (ICF) to offer The A.S.K. Qualification as an endorsed and proven cognitive technique for Therapists and Coaches all over the world.

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the leading global organization dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards, providing independent certification and building a worldwide network of trained coaching professionals.

As a Therapist or Coach, it is fundamentally important to keep yourself up to date on new cognitive tools and techniques, so you can truly serve your clients.

The A.S.K. Qualification is a 10 module course that you can learn online, at your own pace, that provides you with:-

  • In depth knowledge on psychology and human behavior. The A.S.K. Qualification takes you through the origination of thought patterns, emotions and learned behaviors.
  • A step by step process, so that you can facilitate the A.S.K. Technique for your clients, giving them immediate transition and change on any issue they are dealing with.
  • The option to be added as an A.S.K. Facilitator to the A.S.K. website, thus increasing your potential to facilitate A.S.K. sessions globally. A.S.K. is receiving global attention via its genius results. By becoming an A.S.K. Facilitator, you get to become a part of the A.S.K. team and what is quickly becoming a global movement in the therapy sector.
  • Upon completion of the course you will be awarded with The A.S.K. Facilitator certificate, endorsed via the ICF as part of their Continuing Coach Education (CCE) education. ICF Units awarded = 24 hours of CCE with 15 Core hours and 9 Resource hours

Imagine your clients receiving change in JUST ONE SESSION and referring more clients to you, because you are a Coach and Therapist that is creating TRUE CHANGE. As an A.S.K. Facilitator you will have a leading coaching technique that provides instant cognitive and behavioral change for your clients.

These are just a few of the thousands of happy clients that are receiving true success. The therapy and coaching industry is sometimes “belittled” because there are people out there still suffering and stuck in their issues, because they can’t find a way out with standard “talk” therapy.

As an A.S.K. Facilitator, you will help your clients get unstuck, because A.S.K. is a cognitive tool that creates IMMEDIATE TRANSITION AND CHANGE.

We want YOU to join our team and help the world with this transformational cognitive tool. Kelly’s vision is to help millions of people with the A.S.K. Technique and she needs YOU on the A.S.K. team. By having A.S.K. Facilitators all around the world, together we can truly create change.

  • Together we can increase compassion in a world so full of judgment!
  • Together we can increase our client’s self-awareness!
  • Together we alleviate the suffering of humanity!

So if you are a Therapist and Coach and want to:-

  • increase clients
  • increase your reputation
  • increase your income
  • but ultimately increase real value in your client’s lives

Then sign up today for The A.S.K. Qualification.

The A.S.K. Qualification includes: -

  • 10 modules of online study.
  • PLUS 5 hours of direct Skype training with A.S.K. Founder Kelly Armatage.
  • An A.S.K. Facilitator Certificate upon completion, endorsed via A.S.K. in conjunction with the globally known International Coach Federation (ICF). (CCE Units awarded = 24).
  • Upon completion of the course, you will be immediately added to the aserenitykit.com website, where the public have direct access to book you for A.S.K. sessions.
  • NO course deadline. You can study on your own terms and time.
  • Discounted course cost of only $1500.

Do you want to join the A.S.K. movement?
Do you want to be part of a dynamic and expanding team that is truly changing the world one client at a time?
Do you want to be really busy facilitating A.S.K. sessions?
Do you want to be constantly referred to as an amazing coach, because you are a vessel of change for the world?

Then sign up now for The A.S.K. Qualification!