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About Kelly Armatage

Imagine that you could lead a joyous life, free from suffering or regret.  How would that look?  Kelly’s greatest passion is to help people discover their inner harmony and release negative habits through the three steps of A.S.K.  Each of us has the power to heal, you only have to A.S.K. to know how!

Kelly is the inventor of A.S.K. – A Serenity Kit.  A 3 step subconscious re-wiring technique that deals with any issue.  This was launched in March 2015 and is receiving rave reviews in the UK, USA and Middle East.  Due to it’s effectiveness at solving people’s issues, A.S.K. has been recently accredited as a course for Therapists and Coaches via The International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Kelly’s Qualifications

  • Diploma Level 5 (Distinction) – Counselling
  • Diploma Level 5 (Distinction) – Business, Life & Executive Coaching
  • Diploma Level 5 (Distinction) – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • NLP, TFT, EFT & CIPD Qualified Trainers @ Kelly Armatage Inc.
  • Titan Summit – 2013 & 2014
  • A.S.K. – A Serenity Kit (Founder)

Kelly’s Journey to A.S.K.

By the age of 30, despite good career success, Kelly Armatage had endured an emotional childhood, 2 car accidents, 2 nervous breakdowns, panic attacks, depression and a divorce. Born in North London, her corporate career eventually led her to the Middle East, settling on the tiny island of Bahrain in the Persian Gulf.  It was in Bahrain that Kelly became aware of her innate empathic ability.  High flying CEO’s and Directors were confiding in her at meetings, opening up about their innermost feelings, thoughts and fears.  Kelly saw an illuminating opportunity to not only help others, but to embark on a journey to heal herself too.

Entering into yet another dysfunctional marriage due to her codependency and ingrained picked up habits, Kelly experienced more emotional pain than ever before.  Kelly’s unconditional inquisitiveness in healing all of this anguish expanded as she desperately tried, in her limited and unhealed subconscious, to overcome her issues.

Over the next 5 years, Kelly undertook deep therapy with top coaching experts, whilst studying for her qualifications.  She trained in all areas of counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, psychotherapy and coaching, becoming a fully qualified practitioner.  In 2007, ‘Kelly Armatage Inc’, Bahrain was opened.  A sanctuary for people to empower themselves out of emotional pain, overhaul their inner programming and discover healthy, functional and pleasurable lives.

Kelly has facilitated over 10,000 one on one sessions, as well as hundreds of seminars and workshops. Through this experience, she has observed unique patterns of healing and behaviour.  These reflections, combined with years of research and her own extensive, personal development have inspired the creation of A.S.K. – A Serenity Kit.

A.S.K. is a beautifully simple tool that is with you every day of your life and has grown into a community of people finding change one step at a time.

A.S.K in the Media

A.S.K. has developed into a strong community of individuals who are passionate about sharing the simplicity of serenity.  The brilliance of the technique is often celebrated in the media; check out the articles to see if A.S.K. is happening near you!