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The A.S.K. Technique

What is A.S.K.?

Q. What is A.S.K.?

A.S.K. is a simple, but revolutionary therapy technique that you can use on yourself without the need for a Therapist. It is a 3 step tool that helps you to remove stress, learn about your mindset, triggers and habits and change these subconsciously.  It is a proven system for achieving change in any area of your life.

Q. How can I A.S.K.?

Download the 3 step A.S.K. worksheet below and watch the videos.  It is FREE. Use it for removing any problem or recurring habit. Use it to achieve any dream goal.  A.S.K. can be used to help change finances, relationships, career, self esteem, parenting, insomnia, depression, confidence, entrepreneurship, leadership, addictions, any issue!

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Q. Why did Kelly create A.S.K.?

Having facilitated over 10,000 client sessions and hundreds of seminars, Kelly has seen the depth of suffering that is out there in the world. People need tools for healing negative habits, people need tools for change!. Kelly envisioned a simple therapy tool that the public could use on themselves to get true results. She dedicated 2 years to the creation of the A.S.K. project and is on a journey to spread the technique globally.  The world needs tools for mindset ascension. A.S.K. is great method to achieve that!

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Q. What is in A Serenity Kit?

There is the A.S.K. Technique which is FREE to all.  However, Kelly has created A Serenity KIT (The $65 Therapy Kit that will save you hundreds of $). An in depth program containing a book, audiobook, video tutorial and worksheets. A Serenity KIT helps you to learn the origin behind learned behaviours and psychological pay-offs and change these from within.  See client testimonials here!

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See People Doing A.S.K.

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A.S.K. – “I want a new job”.

A.S.K. – “I don’t know my professional purpose”.

A.S.K. – “I want a new job”.

A.S.K. – “I need to release my husband’s death”.

A.S.K. – “I get angry a lot”.

A.S.K. – “I am angry at my father because he drinks too much”.

A.S.K. Worksheet